are the rumors true that you killed A?

They are not.  At least…not entirely.  The A I knew died at the end of a rope, by his own hand.  He was a dreary boy, always intent to dwell on his own inadequacies.  A let them snap his mind just as easily as the rope snapped his neck.  Hmneh…I don’t seem to recall ever discouraging him.  In fact, there might even have been some whispers here and there, admonishing or reinforcing certain…behaviors.  And who could blame me?  He was fated to die on that day at that time anyway, and he was competition.  But as I said, I can’t really remember…

[His tongue runs slowly across his upper row of teeth, and the intensity with which he speaks betrays the lie in that last]

It was so long ago. 

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I want you to come back again T~T

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I……I don’t know what to do. I can’t sleep because I can’t stop thinking about what it would be like if humans didnt have butts. Where would be sit? Would we have to invent butts? Oh my god WHAT IF

Technically human beings do not sit on their gluteus muscles, but instead on the layer of fat directly between the glutes and the adductor magnus area.  The group of muscles referred to as the “butt” are not used for cushioning, but instead used to move the legs.  So if homo sapians hypothetically evolved without these muscles, there would be no change in seating arrangements.  

The more you know. 


Reblog if you remember these


Reblog if you remember these

I'm so glad you're back!! T~T

I wonder, Anonymous, whether that reaction is healthy.  Are you at all familiar with my motivations?  My modus operandi?  With the things I have done and the things I will continue to do?  Kyeh heh…I suppose it doesn’t much matter.  I don’t pose a threat to anyone unless the moment of their death is already upon them.  And even then…why sully my hands if there’s nothing in it for me?


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What are similarities/differences between you and your character?

Ooh, this is a good one.  Forgive me if I ramble a bit.


As with other characters before him, when I first started writing for B I ended up giving him many of my mannerisms and personal phrases.  When I’m figuring out a character, there are murky spots in my understanding of them that I fill in with what’s familiar to me until I wrap my head around the character and can fill them in with more appropriate headcanons.  I think it’s a necessary step in cultivating a character style; a fertile soil from which the writing will grow, if you will.  Usually, this phase is short-lived and the character in question develops a voice and personality that is distinct from their writer.  Such is the case with B here.  That being said, little bits of ‘me’ remain in the way I write him.  They are usually bits that I felt jived with canon!B’s personality.


One example—as my astute followers might have guessed—is that we both run on at the mouth with language more florid than is usually necessary.  He also ‘inherited’ my fascination with anatomy, with what makes things work and how they can best be taken apart.  We both are very competitive when it comes to intellect, and we both cannot abide losing.  It goes without saying that we are both preoccupied with the morbid.  Also, I can no longer tell whether B runs his tongue across his upper incisors because I do so, or whether I picked the habit up from him. 


As for differences, I think the most marked opposition between mun and muse is how we respond to and treat those around us.  My B is a sociopath.  He cannot empathize, and feels little to no remorse (No matter how he might feign the contrary as a means to an end).  I am close to the opposite end of the spectrum.  I empathize more than is healthy or helpful, sometimes to the point of debilitation, and feel remorse disproportionate to my actions—sometimes even for things I haven’t done.  Neither of these extremes is healthy. 


I could go on about this topic for some time, but this is rapidly becoming a wall of text.  I’ll end with this little disclaimer.  The degree of similarity between B and myself is not analogous; I am not as obsessed with being intellectually superior as he is, and he is not as bent to purple prose as I am.


Give me the RP-er test. Try and see if I know my character.

  • Explain your character’s personality.
  • What would your character do if he/she witnessed the death of their most loved?
  • If your character is from a different world/time period, explain their personalities if they where placed in this world.
  • What do you think your character likes to eat the most?
  • What is your character’s biggest fear?
  • Character’s biggest strength.
  • What are the traits that you look up to in your character?
  • What are the traits you don’t like in your character?
  • Your character’s biggest flaw.
  • What are similarities/differences between you and your character.
  • Do you think your character is a man/woman magnet, or is their beauty more subtle?
  • Is your character artistic?
  • Is your character tough?
  • Make up some hobbies you think your character may enjoy.
  • Do you think your character is insecure in any way?
  • What makes your character jealous?
  • What makes them happy?
  • Has does your character’s past effect who they are now?
  • What do you think your character’s favorite type of music is?
  • Would you be friends with your character.
  • What is your favorite character’s favorite type of day?
  • Character’s preferred date night.
  • Character’s type of guy/girl?
  • Do you think your character is a rule-follower?
  • Do you feel like your character may regret something they’ve done?
Does it make you uncomfortable when people touch your scars?

Hmnheh heh hehhh

Consider, Anonymous, in what situations would a person be afforded the  pr o xi  m  ity  necessary

To touch my face?

[Two fingers rise to trace the ruin of his cheek.  They press deeply into his skin with force deleterious, fingernails scraping open fresh pink rivets.  The knurled flesh of his cheek is disfigured further as his smile widens.]

Any discomfortis likely to be shadowed by overshadowed by other…emotions.